Active Elevator provides elevator service (full maintenance), repair and modernization in the greater Los Angeles area.

We take great pride in how we service our elevators for cleanliness and maintenance, and we keep each of our elevators running at optimum performance. We know that every elevator must be maintained properly and Active Elevator offers this top service. With Active Elevator Service, local state and city officials are very pleased upon inspection. Our main goal is to always keep our elevators running at top performance, and supply our customers with the service they deserve and are paying for.

Active Elevator Success has been attributed to employing competent licensed mechanics that have the professionalism of taking pride in their work and carefully finishing every elevator job properly. In addition our Elevator Mechanics are schooled on a regular basis and consistently updated regarding new technology.

Thank you from the team at Active Elevator INC.

We offer complete elevator service: maintenance, monthly service, & every elevator modernization for Apartments, Condominiums, and Small to Large Scale Buildings.