Active Elevator Service in Los Angeles is a leader in Elevator Cab Remodeling.

Included in our Elevator Cab Remodeling we provide: Elevator Wall-Paneling, Elevator Ceiling Remodeling, Lighting and Fixtures, New Floors, Elevator Door ReSkinning and Door Cladding.

At Active Elevator Service, we do cab remodels with almost no elevator downtime, and we do not subcontract out to other companies, our professional licensed elevator mechanics perform the complete cab remodel from start to completion. Our Pricing is very competitive for any kind of cab remodel.

Remember also that for older buildings, elevator cab interior remodeling becomes important.

The most typical time to remodel your elevator cab is during an Elevator Modernization, although it is not the only time. During a modernization an elevator is down for a substantial period of time and a cab remodeling can most effectively be integrated both in terms of budgets and operationally.

You can call us at 818-701-7213 to talk about how to get started with your Elevator Cab Remodeling, and what it entails. Below is a list of necessities from start to finish:

  • Onsite Inspection
  • Cab Remodel Specs
  • Picking out materials and Installation Date
  • Active Elevator Service Bid and Acceptance
  • Contract
  • Deposit
  • Permit App and Drawings if needed
  • Elevator Downtime is about 2 days for each cab

From our initial Site Inspection, the Completion Time (lead time) for your cabs are around 4 - 6 weeks (Each Elevator Cab Installation takes 2 days.)

Call us at 818-701-7213 to discuss
your Elevator Cab Remodeling.

We offer complete elevator service: maintenance, monthly service, & every elevator modernization for Apartments, Condominiums, and Small to Large Scale Buildings.