Our Elevator Service in Los Angeles California was contacted in 2011 by the management of an Apartment Building because their elevators had stopped (Thankfully with no people stuck inside). We immediately went to the site, and ascertained that a three phase transformer had blown, stopping the power to the elevators. "We also were able to act fast after our quick diagnosis of their elevator problem, and a Company specializing in Electrical Transformers here in Los Angeles was contacted to quickly custom design a new transformer the same day.

We were happy to provide Emergency Elevator Service, and this situation was unique and urgent since it was a 6 story apartment building, and there were mainly senior citizens living there, where it would have been terrible to have them climbing 6 flights of stairs by foot.

Since the three phase transformer was manufactured the same day (the transformer was backwards engineered from the original blown transformer), we were able to return the same day to make the elevator repair and their elevators were up and running immediately. We were also Proactive since this custom three phase transformer was manufactured with a built-in fuse so it will not ever blow out do to another unforeseeable future power serge.

We provide 24 Hour Emergency Elevator Service for Los Angeles County Apartments, Hotels, High Rise Buildings, and more. Please call us for a certified elevator expert - Thank you for contacting us for our Elevator Services.

We offer complete elevator service: maintenance, monthly service, & every elevator modernization for Apartments, Condominiums, and Small to Large Scale Buildings.